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The new project "Quarter 5/26" is located in the block of A.Čaka and Avotu streets. It is an ensemble of three buildings - Avotu 5, A.Čaka 26 and A.Čaka 26a. Each building is an independent architectural work.
During the careful reconstruction, the original 1905 ornamental decorations and stylized ethnographic motifs of the buildings were restored. Using the latest technologies, the facades of the houses were restored and the buildings were overhauled.
The Aleksandra Čaka Street 26 project has been recognized as the best facade reconstruction project in 2019, receiving the Latvian Construction of the Year award.
There are 23 apartments (1-4 rooms) in the building at A.Čaka Street 26 in the areas from 24 m² - 111 m². These are compact apartments with a thoughtful layout: kitchen combined with living room, bedroom, bathroom, hallway with space for built-in closets.

+ wooden windows;
+ three-layer parquet (walnut / oak);
+ stone tiles in the bathroom;
+ shower cabin, Ideal Standart (Belgium) plumbing, sinks with water mixers;
+ a quiet KONE elevator is installed in the building;
+ the house is equipped with a new engineering network, ventilation and energy supply systems;
+ car parking in the closed yard;
+ basement storage rooms.

The interior and layout of the building is based on the functional aspects of a modern lifestyle - natural elements combined with high-quality textile and finishing materials create a unique atmosphere of comfort and coziness.
The residential complex is conveniently located in the city center with convenient infrastructure. Proximity to public transport, cafes, shops, parks. Home yard with a landscaped green recreation area. There will be two shops on the first floor of the building.

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New engineering network communications were installed in the building:
+ water supply and sewerage system with water meters in the apartment;
+ heating system with a separate meter for each apartment and the possibility to read the readings remotely;
+ electricity supply system;
+ electronic communications - low-voltage optical cable Tet (also available from Baltcom).
The apartments are fully finished, the bathrooms are equipped with sustainable, modern design plumbing and finishing materials.
Some of the apartments can be purchased with a gray finish to create their original and unique design.
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