Продают земельный участок, Aizkraukļi, Ādažu novads / 1278000€

Местонахождение:Ādažu novads
Площадь:213000 м²
Цена:1 278 000 € (6 €/м²)

Описание объекта

For sale - land property with total area of 21.3 ha in Adazi district, Ilkene near the river Gauja. The Gauja coastline is 300 m.

The property is located in the territory of the construction of individual family houses (DzS1) and partly in the forest territory (M).

The type of permitted use is the construction of detached family houses. The minimum building intensity is 10%, height up to 15m. The permitted area of the plots is 5000 m2, but when developing the detailed plan, it is allowed to divide by 3500 m2.

Additional uses:
- health and rehabilitation institutions,
- educational and scientific institutions,
- social care centers/ nursing homes.
- tourism, leisure and sports complexes,
- trade and/or service establishments.

The territory of the property is partly occupied by a forest of mixed trees, a small part of which is a clearing. Flat terrain. The bank of Gauja is 2-3 m high.

The payment option by installments for several years is also negotiable.

  • Местонахождение: поблизости река, поблизости лес
ID номер объекта: 61509

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